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Prochaska may be a bit too laid back, but the style fits the somber material well (this really is a dark movie) and the actors are well-chosen.
Technically, it cannot be called a western (we should call it an Austern or something but the story is classic western fare: A stranger rides into a remote village and with his arrival, all traditions that have stood the test of time, will be questioned.
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2000 BC) and Herodotus Histories (450 420 BC in French its called Le Droit du Seigneur and its believed to have existed under the Ancien Régime.Or at least Austria.The original version is preferable, but some of the accents spoken are quite strong, so even when you speak German, youll most probably need subtitles.The events are shown at the beginning of the movie and we only return to them when they are told to Greider by a third person.He introduces himself as a photographer and becomes a guest in the house of a widow and her 18-year old daughter Luzi, whos about to be married.The violence is quite strong and the shootout between Greider and the four remaining Brenner sons is a nice illustration of the changing of the times: Greider, who was born in the New World, has a Winchester lever-action repeating rifle while the Brenners only have.The gun that won the West is now winning the East.Notes : 1) Prima nocta, officially ius primae noctis, according to the Urban Dictionary: Rights used by nobles of the past to have sexual rights to the wife of a man newly married on the night of their wedding.Voltaire accepted the practice as historically authentic in his Dictionnaire Philosophique.The groom was punished (he was crucified!) for not respecting the ancient prerogative, but the young woman fled across the ocean, to the promised land, where she gave birth to a son who has now returned to the valley to settle the scores.In a traditional revenge western the childhood trauma is illustrated by a series of flashbacks, shown progressively throughout the movie.

Tobias Moretti who plays Hans, the oldest and most dangerous of the sons looks like a villain who escaped from a Leone movie, as if No Name forgot to finish him anúncios contatos fuerteventura at the end of one of the Dollar movies.
Greider also treasures a locket (with a photo of his mother) that is a clear reference to the famous pocket watch from.
They enable viewers to understand the horror of the situation and also add a dynamic element to the plot by revealing, bit by bit, what happened on the fatal day.Corbucci s, the Great Silence and the film is marked by the strong religious symbolism and anti-clerical overtones that are characteristics of the.Das Finstere Tal (The Dark Valley) is set in a secluded valley in the Austrian Alps at the end of the 19th century.It creates a certain distance, making it hard for us to identify with the avenger or to share his rage.2) For the gun that won the West, see: dir : Andreas Prochaska, cast : Sam Riley (Greider Tobias Moretti (Hans Brenner Paula Beer (Luzi Thomas Schubert (Lukas Carmen Gratl (Luzis mother Hans-Michael Rehberg (Brenner Helmuth Häusler (Hubert Brenner Martin Leutgeb (Otto mulher procura mulher carabobo Brenner Johannes Nikolussi.